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    The State Council formally issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing" and Developing Industrial Internet", proposing to enhance the supply capacity of the industrial Internet industry, continuously improve the development level of China's industrial Internet, and further promote the "Internet +" to form a mutual relationship between the real economy and the network Promote a good pattern of simultaneous improvement, and put forward the goal of "three steps" in 2025, 2035 and the middle of the 21st century. By 2025, 3-5 internationally competitive industrial Internet platforms will be formed and millions of industries will be realized. APP cultivation and millions of enterprises on the cloud. And what impact will the release of this opinion have on the industry? The Industrial Internet has become an important direction for the digital transformation of manufacturing, and it has also become a new market where international and domestic manufacturing companies and IT giants compete to land. On November 27, the State Council formally issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing" Development of the Industrial Internet" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), which clarified the development goals, main tasks and support measures of the domestic industrial Internet. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center learned from the "Opinions", the "Opinions" put forward that the overall goal of China's development of the industrial Internet is to build an industrial Internet ecosystem compatible with economic and social development, and proposed a phased implementation goal. By 2020, it is necessary to support the construction of a batch of cross-industry and cross-field national platforms, and build a batch of enterprise-level platforms, cultivate more than 300,000 industrial apps, or industrial applications, and promote 300,000 enterprises to apply industrial Internet platforms; to In 2025, 3-5 internationally competitive industrial Internet platforms will be formed to realize the cultivation of millions of industrial apps and the migration of millions of enterprises to the cloud. By 2035, build the world’s leading industrial Internet network infrastructure and platform, and form an internationally advanced technology and industrial system; by the middle of this century, the industrial Internet network infrastructure will fully support economic and social development, industrial Internet innovation and development capabilities, and a technological industry system And integrated applications have reached the international advanced level, and comprehensive strength has entered the forefront of the world. The "Opinions" clarified the main tasks for the construction and development of the industrial Internet: one is to consolidate the network foundation; the second is to build a platform system; the third is to strengthen industrial support; the fourth is to promote integrated applications; the fifth is to improve the ecosystem; the sixth is to enhance security protection capabilities; Seven is to promote open cooperation. Among them, network infrastructure will become the focus of industrial Internet construction. Han Xia, director of the Information and Communications Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, explained at the State Council’s regular policy briefing held on November 3 that the Industrial Internet includes three major systems: network, platform, and security. The network is the foundation, which can realize the ubiquitous interconnection of all factors of production and the smooth flow of data. The "Opinions" also propose safeguard measures for the construction of the Industrial Internet from six aspects. First, establish and improve laws and regulations, expand the scope of equal access by market players, and implement inclusive and prudent supervision; second, create a good market environment; third, increase fiscal and taxation support, and strengthen the guiding role of fiscal funds; fourth, innovate financial services Ways, support the expansion of the proportion of direct financing; fifth, strengthen the support of professional talents, and innovate the use of talents; sixth, improve the organization and implementation mechanism, and promote the collaborative advancement of the Industrial Internet and "Made in China 2025". What impact will opinions have?     Cao Lei, the pioneer of the domestic industrial Internet, the best-selling author of "Internet+: Industry Outlet", and the director of the China E-commerce Research Center, believes: View 1: Policies support the industrial Internet to become the next outlet in the Internet field The promulgation of this opinion will speed up the development of China’s Industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet is of great benefit to accelerating the upgrading and transformation of my country’s manufacturing industry and enhancing the strength of the industrial economy. Its own development also contains huge business opportunities. It is expected that by the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, The market size of this industry will exceed the trillion mark. The promulgation of this opinion will provide a solid guarantee for the development of my country's industrial Internet. At present, the impact of the Industrial Internet on China's manufacturing industry is escalating. Industrial big data is hailed as the future "oil", and the Industrial Internet is recognized as the next outlet in the Internet field. my country is a big industrial country. If we can rely on the Internet and other information technology to change the process, technology, quality, etc. of the industry, the effect of transformation and upgrading will be huge, and it will help to realize the promotion from a major industrial country to an industrial power. Supporting and boosting the development of industrial Internet companies is becoming an important entry point for information technology to transform and upgrade traditional manufacturing industries and serve the real economy. Industrial Internet uses the system to construct three major functional systems: network, platform, and security, to create a new network infrastructure that fully interconnects people, machines, and things, and form an emerging business and application model for intelligent development. It is important to promote the construction of a strong manufacturing country and network power. basis. The Industrial Internet, as an emerging technology in the industrial field, has realized a new combination of different production factors. The development of the Industrial Internet has a comprehensive impact on my country's real economy. Considering that the supply-side structural reforms are mainly concentrated in the field of industrial raw materials, the creation of an industrial Internet platform will comprehensively enhance the supply capacity and quality of my country's manufacturing industry and related supporting measures such as expanding the proportion of direct financing will facilitate the deleveraging process of the real economy. Viewpoint 2: "Internet +" is the innovation engine driving the strong foundation of the manufacturing industry Manufacturing is the foundation of a nation and the foundation of a strong nation. "Internet+" is an innovation engine that drives the strong foundation of the manufacturing industry. The traditional development model of China's manufacturing industry and the development of the manufacturing industry are facing bottlenecks, and it is urgent to drive transformation and development with innovation. Implement innovation-driven development around the "Internet +", use new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to accelerate the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, realize intelligent manufacturing, high-quality manufacturing, and network manufacturing. A series of far-reaching changes occurred in the system and other aspects. "Internet +" is becoming a core element driving the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. Currently, a manufacturing paradigm with "information" as its core is taking shape, and the value of data information in the manufacturing system is constantly being tapped. Information network technology drives China's manufacturing transformation strategy, path, and support system. The goal of the research is to build a manufacturing power. The way is to achieve the deep integration of information network technology and manufacturing.

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