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Security Thinking in the Process of E-payment

2020-09-03 00:53:58 Author: SHOP++

In recent years, government departments have issued a number of documents to support the integrated development of electronic payment and e-commerce. In particular, the "Notice on Promoting the Development of E-commerce" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments on May 20, 2016 mentioned a sound electronic system. The business support system promotes innovative applications of electronic payments and vigorously develops mobile payments. On the one hand, with the tightening of supervision of payment institutions by the regulatory authorities, many payment institutions have been fined, and payment licenses have entered the “shuffle period” of the stock. Existing payment institutions should strictly abide by industry regulations to conduct business; on the other hand, with electronic payment With the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the security of electronic payment should also arouse people's attention.

In the 2009 case of a dispute over a network service contract between an e-commerce platform and a third-party payment platform, since the country has not yet formulated corresponding national or industry standards for payment services, in the event of a hacker attack, it is impossible to determine whether all parties have done enough Security guarantee obligations, and only based on the agreement between the two parties and the evidence provided by the parties to determine the responsibility of each party. In the final judgment, the court held that the e-commerce platform should be responsible for properly keeping the merchant number and password. Security and information confidentiality have serious and cautious obligations. They have the responsibility to ensure that the design and operation of the electronic payment business processing system can prevent electronic payment transaction data from being leaked, and whether hackers attack the payment platform due to hidden security risks of the electronic payment platform should be handled The e-commerce platform means that the merchant bears the burden of proof.