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2020-09-03 00:54:34 Author: SHOP++

Transaction dispute handling specifications

1. General

1. In order to build an open, transparent, honest, and responsible business environment for the mall, clarify the attribution of disputed transaction payments or financial compensation, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers and merchants in the mall in accordance with the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China", The "Consumer Rights Protection Law", "Internet Transaction Management Measures" and other relevant laws and regulations, and the mall "General Rules of Merchant Management Regulations" formulate this specification.

2. The mall dispute handling specification is that the buyer and the merchant irrevocably authorize the mall to act as an independent third party based on relevant laws and regulations, the General Rules of Merchant Management Regulations of the mall, and their own judgments to attribute or fund the disputed transaction payment between the buyer and the seller Basic procedures and standards for handling compensation.

3. The mall will deal with disputes between buyers and sellers based on laws and regulations, platform rules and ordinary people's judgments in accordance with the provisions of this specification. The mall is not a judicial authority, and its ability to identify vouchers/evidence and handle disputes is limited. The mall does not guarantee that the results of dispute resolution meet the expectations of buyers and/or merchants, and it does not assume any responsibility for the results of dispute resolution made in accordance with this specification. responsibility.

4. During the dispute resolution period, the mall sends prompts or notices related to dispute resolution to both buyers and sellers through the mall's online customer service system, emails, text messages, or phone calls, which constitute an effective part of this specification.

5. The mall has the right to change this specification at any time and make an announcement on the website. If the buyer and (or) the merchant disagree with the relevant changes, the dispute can be resolved through negotiation or other channels.