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2020-09-03 00:54:32 Author: SHOP++

Materials required for settlement:

1. A copy of the business license: a valid annual inspection must be completed and the goods sold are within the business scope.

2. Duplicate of tax registration certificate: both national tax and local tax are acceptable, and the tax registration certificate stamped with the seal of the National Taxation Bureau will be uploaded first.

3. A copy of the organization code certificate: The organization code certificate must be inspected annually. The annual inspection requirements are consistent with the annual inspection requirements of the business license. If the local policy stipulates irregular (non-normal annual) annual inspections, a copy of the government-issued document must be issued and Stamp the official seal of the supplier.

4. General taxpayer qualification certificate: Scanned copy of general taxpayer certificate. If the taxpayer is in the counseling period, it is necessary to issue a template of our company's "Counseling Period Business Letter".

5. Legal person ID card: a scanned copy of the front and back.

Letter of Proof of Billing Limit

1. In principle, the invoice limit certification letter is: the "Invoice Limit Approval Form" issued by the tax authority, which is the approval certificate issued by the tax authority when applying for invoice issuance after the supplier obtains the tax registration certificate. The "Invoice Limit Approval Form" must be attached It is stamped by the tax bureau.

2. If the "Invoice Quota Approval Form" is lost and cannot be provided, the tax authority where the supplier is located can issue a relevant information certificate. The specific template is not limited, but the certificate must specify the invoicing limit and stamp the local tax stamp.

3. None of the above can be provided, and the supplier can hold the gold tax card to enter the invoicing limit information printed out by the gold tax system.

Third, the brand qualification must be within the validity period

1. Own brand: upload the trademark registration certificate or registration application acceptance notice (if you have handled the change, transfer, or renewal, please also provide the change, transfer, and renewal certificate issued by the Trademark Administration).