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Merchant Entry Agreement

2020-09-03 00:54:30 Author: SHOP++

Dear Users,

Welcome you to become a merchant of this website. Business users are requested to read all the following carefully. If the merchant user does not agree to any content of these terms of service, please do not register or use the services of this website. If the merchant user passes the registration procedure of this website, it means that the merchant user has reached an agreement with this website and voluntarily accepts all the contents of the terms of service. After that, merchant users shall not make any form of defense for not reading the content of these terms of service.

I. Overview

1. This agreement applies to merchants on the open platform of this website. Merchants can choose a business model according to their business needs to sell goods or provide services to consumers through the open platform of this website. This rule does not apply to self-operated products and information on this website.

2. In order to promote the establishment of an equal, open, and transparent platform ecology, these rules are formulated in accordance with services such as the "Business Entry Agreement on this Website".

3. The general rules of the open platform of this website are terms that increase basic obligations or regulate the exercise of basic rights by merchants on this website.

4. For the identification and handling of violations, this website will make judgments based on laws and regulations, agreement agreements, evidence materials provided by consumers and businesses, and relevant information recorded on the platform, and strictly enforce them in accordance with relevant rules. All merchants on this website are equal in the applicable rules.

5. Merchants should comply with national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, and other normative documents. For any behavior that is suspected of violating national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, and other normative documents, these rules shall apply if there are provisions in these rules; if there are no provisions in these rules, this website has the right to deal with it according to the corresponding rules, but this website Dealing with the merchant does not exempt the merchant from legal liability for violations of laws and contracts.