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Inspection & Signature

2020-09-03 00:54:21 Author: SHOP++

To protect your rights and interests, please check face-to-face with the delivery staff when you receive the goods. The verification scope includes but not limited to: the type, specification, quantity (including the smallest packaging unit of the product), amount, gifts, outer packaging, bills, etc. It is consistent with the order and is correct before signing. After signing, the mall will no longer be responsible for the above problems.

According to the different attributes of different foods, you may need to check one or more of the following situations when inspecting the goods, including but not limited to: the shelf life of the goods, whether the properties of the goods have changed, and whether the goods themselves are identifiable, Whether the anti-counterfeiting label of the product, has been completely scratched, etc.

If you have confirmed that the above problems are correct before signing for the receipt, please sign on the store’s invoice for confirmation. If your order is handed over to someone else, and the recipient has the same rights as you, we will treat it as you sign for it. If you find the above-mentioned problems with the goods during the inspection, you can choose to reject the entire order after the delivery person or the delivery person is present to contact the customer service to confirm. However, if the order contains a sealed package and there is no quality problem after unpacking, it cannot be rejected.

After the rejection service is completed, the payment will be refunded according to the original payment method and the original route. For orders rejected by this mall, the customer does not need to pay the delivery fee; for orders rejected by the customer, the mall will charge you a one-way delivery fee.