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Bank Transfer

2020-09-03 00:54:16 Author: SHOP++

1. How to open a bank account

Due to the different policies of banks in various regions, it is recommended that you call the local bank phone number before online payment to inquire about the types of bank cards available for online payment and the opening procedures.

Bank name Service hotline

China Merchants Bank 95555

Bank of China 95566

Bank of Communications 95559

Bank of Beijing 96169

Everbright Bank 95595

China Post 95580

Minsheng Bank 95568

Hua Xia Bank 95577

China CITIC Bank 95558

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 95588

China Construction Bank 95533

Agricultural Bank of China 95599

Shenzhen Development Bank 95501

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 95528

Guangdong Development Bank 95508

2. What is the upper limit of the payment amount?

Currently, each bank has a certain amount of restrictions on online payment. As each bank has different policies, it is recommended that you consult your bank about related matters when applying for online payment functions.


3. How can I judge whether the online payment is successful?

1. After you complete the online payment process, the system should prompt that the payment is successful; if the system does not prompt the payment failure or success, you can check the balance of the bank card through various methods such as telephone, ATM, counter, or log in to online banking. Being deducted means that you have paid successfully.

2. If the payment is unsuccessful due to overdraft of credit card, the insufficient balance of passbook, accidental disconnection, etc., please log in to and search for unsuccessful orders under "My Orders" on the "My Account" page, and complete again Paid.


4. What are the reasons for "payment rejected"?

1. The online payment function has not been activated for the bank card held.

2. The bank card held has expired, become invalid, or report the loss.

3. The balance of the bank card held is insufficient.

4. The input bank card number or password does not match.

5. The input ID number does not match.

6. The data transmission of the banking system is abnormal.